Friday's 'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Chance Chancellor Busts Back Into Town

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday, November 8, bring worry for Amanda as she tries to keep her past under wraps while Devon returns with some shocking details. Plus, Chance Chancellor finally arrives with a bang, and Theo gets some good advice from his late father about the Abbotts and fitting in with his new family.

Amanda (Mishael Morgan) avoids her past, according to SheKnows Soaps. She does not want to divulge any details about her life in any way, and there is somebody she's concerned about showing up. Nate (Sean Dominic) notices that Amanda is jumpy, but she plays it off. However, things are cracking, and all the things Amanda Sinclair hopes to keep hidden from her new friends in Genoa City will soon come out, and things will never be the same.

Meanwhile, Devon (Bryton James) comes back with unsettling news. He found his father, Tucker, and Devon is convinced that Katherine Chancellor's original will that left him her fortune is real. Tucker insists he didn't change a thing, and Devon believes his dad, which means there is something strange going on.

It also means that Devon erroneously gave Cane (Bryton James) the bulk of his late grandmother's money. In fact, it's nearly a done deal -- Amanda only has to print out the paperwork to be signed, and then Cane will have secured he and his children's futures. However, Devon now realizes that something strange is going on.

After months of his name coming up, Chance Chancellor (Danny Boaz) finally makes an appearance in Genoa City. Things don't get any better for Amanda with his return. In fact, he barges into Amanda's life in a colossal way. Chance literally kicks down Amanda's door with his stunning return to the storyline.

There is obviously a lot going on with the whole situation with Katherine's will, and there is little doubt that Chance will end up shedding some light on the situation, and it doesn't look like Cane will come out on top.

Theo's (Tyler Johnson) father, Eric Vanderway (Jon Briddell), shows up to help guide Theo in his relationship with his new family. Theo asked for Summer (Hunter King) to return to Genoa City to help him through this rough time, but in her absence, Theo's late father shows up to provide him some help instead. He gives his son some practical advice for how to move forward in life, and Theo admits how lonely he's been since he lost his dad.