Lindsey Graham Compares Donald Trump’s White House To Christmas

Although South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was once critical of Donald Trump, he has since warmed to the president and become one of his most vocal defenders. During an interview with Politico on Wednesday, Graham spoke about his relationship with Trump and compared the president’s White House to waking up on Christmas morning, Newsweek reports.

“It’s like every day is Christmas,” Graham said, continuing to explain that it’s like opening an unwrapped gift and not knowing what’s inside.

“You don’t know what’s under the tree. It can be that shotgun you’ve been hoping to get, or it can be a sweater you don’t want.”

Social media was quick to react to Graham’s comment and point to the recent divisive actions of the Trump administration, such as moving U.S. troops from northern Syria, which led to Turkey reportedly slaughtering Kurds in the region. Regardless, it appears that Graham isn’t backing away from his support of Trump anytime soon.

During the same interview, Graham spoke about the importance of working with the opposing party in the Senate, suggesting that today’s enemies could be tomorrow’s allies — a reality Graham says he makes clear to every new member of the Senate.

The 64-year-old also spoke about his relationship with the president and suggested that senators should look past the “drama of the moment” and focus on the fact that Trump listens.

“The one thing about the president that I hope senators understand is he listens, he wants to be successful and he is not an ideologue.”

Despite public support for Trump’s impeachment continuing to increase, Graham remains unmoved. He says that the probe is a “lynching” and sees nothing wrong with the president’s alleged coaxing of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Interestingly, Graham’s feelings on Robert Mueller’s investigation aren’t as cut and dry.

“Mueller was the event for me. If Mueller found something where the Trump people actually had been working with the Russians unfairly, that would have been difficult,” Graham said.

Graham previously spoke of his complicated relationship with Trump in an interview with Axios. When pressed on whether his views of Trump’s character have changed since becoming a supporter of the president, Graham suggested that he has indeed gotten to know Trump more. Although Graham admitted he finds Trump to be a “handful” and an “equal opportunity abuser of people,” he said Trump can be “very charming” and “very gracious,” adding that he focuses on judging Trump by his “conduct.”