'General Hospital' Star Nicolas Bechtel Teases A Possible Spencer Cassadine Return

Stacy Carey

Could General Hospital be bringing Spencer Cassadine back to Port Charles soon now that the character's father is back? It certainly seems like a logical next step now that Nikolas Cassadine is alive and back in town, and young actor Nicolas Bechtel doesn't seem to be denying the possibility.

After supposedly dying several years ago at Valentin Cassadine's hand, it has finally been revealed that Nik survived that shooting and subsequent fall into the water. He has been secretly working with Jasper Jacks and Hayden Barnes, and he is anxious to reclaim what is his.

During Monday's show, Nik was adamant in saying that he did not want his son Spencer or his mother Laura Spencer Collins to know he was alive yet. General Hospital spoilers have teased that there will be a close call involving Laura as she knocks on Jax's door this week, but apparently, Jax will be successful in keeping her in the dark for now.

Nik wants to get his hands on the codicil he believes Mikkos left behind that would strip Valentin of the Cassadine fortune and put it back under Nikolas' control. It seems that until he does that, Nik wants to keep others in the dark about the fact that he didn't die after all.

It's not known yet how much longer it will take to find that codicil that will allow Nikolas to reveal he's alive. Granted, General Hospital fans wouldn't be surprised to see Spencer return to Port Charles ahead of learning his father is still alive.

Of course, Spencer has popped up in Port Charles here and there since Nikolas' supposed death. He tinkered with the mayoral election to ensure his grandmother Laura won, and he has regularly needled Valentin whenever he's around.

Not long ago, Valentin confronted Laura and suggested that he would take care of Spencer if Laura didn't reign the teen in. Not only will Laura not tolerate the possibility that Valentin would harm Spencer, Nikolas most certainly will not allow it. Given that conversation where the Cassadine teen was mentioned, it seems likely that Spencer will be popping up again soon.

Luckily, it appears that Bechtel's schedule is fairly open these days. He did have a role on the show Stuck in the Middle, but that Disney show was canceled last year. According to Nicolas' IMDb page, the 14-year-old actor only has one other project he's been working on and that appears to be in post-production.

However, Spencer's peers are supposed to be Josslyn and Cameron, and they've been aged to be a couple of years older than Bechtel currently is. Fans love Nicolas Bechtel in the role and many would hate to see him passed over in favor of a slightly older actor, but they are bracing themselves for the possibility.

The General Hospital actor has also been tweeting a lot about the return of Nikolas via his Twitter page. All of this social media activity has fans feeling confident that they will see Spencer Cassadine return to Port Charles again soon and everybody will be watching for spoilers confirming that this is coming.