Carnival Dream Cruise Ship Passengers To Be Flown Home

The Carnival Dream is stuck in port, but the good news is that the passengers are being flown home. All guests were reported “safe and comfortable” by the Carnival company spokespeople.

The Carnival Dream cruise ship is currently docked in a port in St. Maarten. Passengers initially were not allowed to depart while the Carnival Dream was experiencing mechanical difficulties relating to its emergency diesel generator, responsible for controlling the vessel’s propulsion system. 4,300 guests were aboard the Carnival Dream along with about 1,300 crew members.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an engine fire left the Carnival Triumph adrift in the Gulf of Mexico, stranding some 4,000 people for five days without working toilets or power. Conditions on board became so bad that passengers began fighting for food, prompting some to file a class action lawsuit against Carnival. To make matters worse, a Carnival subsidiary had a ship, the Costa Concordia, run aground off the coast of Italy, with 32 people killed.

Compared to these previous incidences, the Carnival Dream technical problems are barely a blip on the radar screen. But the Carnival company realizes its public image is at stake and passengers are being booked on private chartered flights or scheduled flights home. They’re also promising passengers a three-day refund and a half-price cruise in the future.

Flight for passengers will be booked to Orlando or another destination of their choice. Passengers with cars at Port Canaveral, the departure point for Carnival Dream, will be bused from Orlando to the facility about an hour away in neighboring Brevard County.

The passengers of the Carnival Dream were reported to be in good condition by the company:

“At no time did the ship lose power. All guests are safe and comfortable. There were periodic interruptions to elevators and restroom services for a few hours last night.”

Do the Carnival Dream technical difficulties make you want to avoid this cruise line, or do you think Carnival is doing good in making amends to its stranded passengers?