Baby Killed After Being Thrown Against A Wall

baby killed

Cincinnati, OH – A 6-month-old baby died after being thrown against the wall by his mother’s friend. Caitlyn Pemberton, the infant’s mother, was in shock after police officers told her that Frederick Mitchell, 20, threw her son against the wall.

Mitchell was reportedly babysitting Elliott Megrditchian when the death occurred. The man is accused of throwing the baby against the wall while Pemberton was at work.

The 20-year-old Ohio man was arrested and incarcerated on Friday. Frederick Mitchell has been charged with felonious assault. More charges are likely to be filed as a result of the baby’s death. Angela Mitchell, the accused’s mother, does not believe the baby’s death was intentional.

The woman claims her son blacked out and does not remember throwing the baby against the wall. Frederick Mitchell allegedly told his mother that he felt like he was going to pass out and tried to throw the baby he was holding onto the bed.

Mitchell allegedly found the baby on the floor when he woke up. After discovering the infant boy was not breathing, he reportedly called for help right away. The Cincinnati man allegedly has been in love with Caitlyn Pemberton since high school. According to his mother’s statement, Frederick Mitchell deeply cared for both the mother and the child.

The infant’s mother maintains that her friend confessed to her that he threw the baby against a wall. She described Mitchell as a “monster” in a recent statement. An excerpt from her comment reads: “I would never see nor expect this to come, not with all the other hardships in my life to face. This isn’t something that I would ever see coming. Especially not from Fred.”

Pemberton went on to say that she was in shock when police officers told her the baby was thrown against a wall. The grieving mother also stated that, contrary to comments from a neighbor, Mitchell is a friend, not a boyfriend.

The baby was taken to Children’s Hospital on Saturday and was pronounced dead on Sunday.

cincinnati baby killed

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