Get To Know Marcus Coloma, The New Nikolas Cassadine Of ‘General Hospital’

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images for LG

Most General Hospital fans probably were not familiar with actor Marcus Coloma until Thursday’s episode aired. However, now everybody is anxious to know about this Nikolas Cassadine recast. People have been speculating for some time now that Nik would pop up alive again in Port Charles, and many were wondering if the show would bring back Tyler Christopher or go with someone new. Now, those answers are known, but fans are anxious for more scoop.

After plenty of teases, Thursday’s General Hospital finally gave fans the reveal they’ve been waiting to see. Nikolas is alive, he is seemingly the one who took Cassandra Pierce all those months ago, and he’s the one who has been following Ava Jerome.

It’s not all that common that a soap opera can keep casting news from leaking, but General Hospital was successful this time. Rumors had been swirling about Tyler coming back, but there were also rumors making the rounds that a different soap veteran had been tapped to step into the role. Ultimately, none of those rumors were true.

Coloma is new to the world of soap operas, but it seems that some General Hospital viewers thought they had seen him in something else previously. According to his IMDb page, Marcus has a pretty extensive list of other acting gigs he has done over the past few years.

This new General Hospital cast member appeared in a couple of episodes of One Tree Hill back in 2006 during Season 3, playing the character of Marcus Johnson. Coloma also played Matt Evans on South Beach and Father Thomas on Point Pleasant back during that same era.

More recently, Marcus had a gig as Father Jonas Alcaraz on the show Major Crimes and he’s popped up on other shows like Lucifer, The Mentalist, Drop Dead Diva, and Emily Owens M.D. He also played Sam Cortez in the second and third Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies.

Initial reactions across Twitter as General Hospital finally revealed the new Nikolas indicated that many viewers thought that this new actor looked too young for this Cassadine role. However, it turns out that Coloma is 41-years-old — not that much younger than Tyler’s real age of 46.

The first impression in that last moment of Thursday’s show did make it look as if this actor was quite young, perhaps even young enough to be an aged Spencer Cassadine. However, it looks like as viewers get to see more of Coloma in the role, they’ll see that he’s in the right age range for this character.

Coloma was born in California and he is of Native American, Spanish, German, and Italian descent. He hasn’t posted much to his Instagram page prior to this, although that may change now that he’s landed this General Hospital gig.

What do the writers have in store for everybody with this revival of the Nikolas Cassadine character? How soon will Laura and others close to Nik find out he’s still alive? Now that it’s been revealed that this Cassadine family member is still alive, additional General Hospital spoilers should start to emerge regarding what comes next.