Donald Trump Jr. Trolled On Twitter For Saying Hunter Biden Makes A Living Off His Father’s Name

The oldest son of President Donald Trump appeared on FOX News on Wednesday night and made some comments about Hunter Biden that are causing quite the scene across social media. Donald Trump Jr. spoke with Sean Hannity about Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son and said he wishes he had the ability to live off his father’s name as Hunter does.

At one point during Trump Jr.’s interview with Hannity Wednesday night, he quipped that if his name were Hunter Biden, then he could go abroad and make millions off of his father’s name and he would be a really rich guy.

Don Jr. went on to say that because his last name is Trump, if he went to China and made even a dollar, people’s heads would explode. The conversation continued for another minute or two, with the president’s son continuing to take digs at the Biden situation.

It did not take long for people across Twitter to respond to this interview with Trump Jr. By the looks of things, it seems that the clear majority of those commenting on it thought the president’s son was lacking self-awareness in making these statements.

“You know it’s a cult when Don Jr can whine on Fox that he wishes he were Hunter Biden so he could make millions off of being his father’s son… As the Trump Family plunders the entire world using the weight of the U.S. presidency. And Trump supporters eat it up.”

“It’s not for a lack of effort by @DonaldJTrumpJr,” quipped one critic on Twitter.

“Donald Trump Jr., executive vice president of the Trump Organization, said he wished he were Hunter Biden so he could get rich off his dad #SmartNews THAT LOUD CRASH WAS IRONY COLLAPSING,” replied another person on Twitter.

“Donald Trump Jr, a member of the most nepotistic family in America, says he wishes his name was Hunter Biden. What level of cognitive dissonance and suspension of belief do right-wing Americans need to trust the Trumps and Fox News?”

Some people on Twitter joked that Trump Jr. seemed to be conceding that the Biden name was worth more than the president’s name. Quite a few others quipped that if they were Don Jr., they might wish their name was Hunter Biden, too.

Don Jr. isn’t the only child of President Trump who has been sharing these types of sentiments. Last week, the president’s middle son Eric said it was sickening how many families go into politics to enrich themselves.

Based on Donald Trump Jr.’s Twitter page as of Thursday morning, it doesn’t look as if Trump’s son has made any moves to backtrack or clarify the comments he made Wednesday night to Sean Hannity. Rather, it appears that he is continuing to criticize the Bidens and do a fair amount of promotion for his new book, titled Triggered, instead.

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