Tulsi Gabbard Says She’s Running For President To ‘Undo’ Hillary Clinton’s ‘Failed Legacy’

Drew AngererGetty Images

After clashing publicly with failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, current candidate Tulsi Gabbard has penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed that attacks the former secretary of state’s legacy. Gabbard begins the piece by touching on the recent comment from Clinton, which appeared to suggest that Gabbard is being groomed by Russia for a third-party presidential run to help elect Donald Trump.

Gabbard then touched on the Iraq War — which she served in — as one of Clinton’s many “disastrous regime-change wars.” The Hawaii congresswoman went on to highlight that she swore an oath as a member of the U.S. military to protect the constitution.

“I’m running for president to undo Mrs. Clinton’s failed legacy. From Iraq to Libya to Syria, her record is replete with foreign-policy catastrophes,” she continued.

Gabbard said that such catastrophes are the reason she resigned as vice chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to endorse then-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders instead of Clinton. Some speculate this resignation is the reason that Gabbard continues to get attacked by the mainstream media outlets and Clinton allies; Gabbard appears to agree.

“Mrs. Clinton and the powerful media and political network she built up over decades have never forgiven this slight. The smears have been nonstop ever since.”

Regardless, the 38-year-old assures that the clash between her and Clinton is not just a “petty” fight, but a conflict between two starkly contrasting views about “the choice voters face” in the face of Democratic presidential candidates. Gabbard suggests that Clinton’s foreign policy mirrors that of many of the current Democratic candidates in their focus on using taxpayer money to fund regime change wars in other countries.

According to Gabbard, her presidency would mean an end to these wars, as well as changes in other aspects of current U.S. foreign policy.

In a September LA Progressive op-ed, Michael T. Hertz claims the attacks on Gabbard are reminiscent of those used by the DNC against Sanders back in the 2016 primary. Hertz also highlighted the lack of support from Gabbard’s fellow Democratic presidential candidates at the time.

“How many of the Democratic candidates have criticized the DNC for its acts against her? So far as I can tell, no one has – not even Bernie, and I don’t understand that, since the DNC is likely to pull a similar stunt on him,” he wrote.

Following Clinton’s attack, several Democratic presidential candidates have come to Gabbard’s defense, including Sanders, Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, and Beto O’Rourke.