October 29, 2019
Selena Gomez Deletes Post Showing Off Kim Kardashian's Shapewear After Being Slammed By Taylor Swift Fans

Kim Kardashian just released her new shapewear line called SKIMS and apparently, Selena Gomez is a fan. On Monday, Gomez posted a photo to Instagram of herself posing in the mirror, wearing a black bodysuit from Kardashian's new line. The shapewear perfectly accentuated the singer's curves and she insisted it was super-comfortable. Despite how innocent the post seemed, Gomez was soon slammed by hate comments from fans who thought she shouldn't be promoting Kardashian's products as a loyal friend of Taylor Swift's, according to ABC News.

Gomez doesn't have any known trouble with the Kardashian family but her longtime best friend, Swift, certainly does.

"Why is Selena wearing skims after Kim bullied Taylor publicly?" one fan wrote on Twitter.

Gomez ultimately deleted the post, proving where her loyalty lies.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Gomez recently came out with a new song called "Lose You to Love Me" which many have interpreted to be about her past relationship with Justin Bieber. The emotional song discusses topics such as lost love, healing, and self-confidence. Swift had nothing but great things to say about Gomez's new release, even writing that it's her favorite song the singer has created thus far.

"This song is a perfect expression of healing and my absolute favorite song she's put out yet. A triumph. I love you so much @selenagomez," Swift wrote on Instagram.

If there was any question in terms of what side Gomez is on in terms of the Swift, Kardashian and West feud, the singer cleared that up in a recent post.
"Thank you for forever being by my side. You have taught me so much, walked through all of this with me, STAYED and you remind to be a better human being. I'm on your side for life."
Swift's feud with Kardashian began with a feud with her husband, rapper Kanye West. The two musicians were nemeses for years but grew even more vocally hostile to one another when West released a song in 2016 entitled "Famous," in which he claims he made Swift famous. He is referencing the infamously awkward incident at the 2009 VMAs, in which West yanked the microphone from Swift when she was in the middle of her acceptance speech.

While Swift insisted she did not approve of West including this particular lyric in his 2016 song, Kardashian released a recording of a phone call in which she appeared to give her consent. It doesn't appear that the feud is anywhere close to being resolved.