Suburban Support For President Trump’s Re-Election Has Dropped Significantly, New Poll Says

President Donald Trump surprised a nation in 2016 when he managed to beat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a number of demographics that she was predicted to win by many experts, which would eventually carry him to a White House victory.

According to The Hill, Trump, who won over suburban voters with 49 percent to Clinton’s 45 percent as exit polls indicated at the time, might not have the same success during the 2020 presidential election, according to a newly published Grinnell College poll conducted by Ann Selzer.

The poll, which surveyed 1,003 adults, revealed that at about a year away from the 2020 election, only 32 percent of suburban voters said they would definitely vote for his re-election. A slight majority, without taking the margin of error into account, of 51 percent said they would definitely vote for someone other than Trump. In addition, 14 percent said they would consider voting for someone else.

And while those numbers may not shake the Trump campaign just yet, digging deeper into the poll reveals potentially troubled waters ahead for his re-election campaign.

For instance, among the group of female voters who didn’t attend college — a group that Trump won over in 2016 with 61 percent of their vote — he holds a 46 percent favorability rating with them at this point in time. Support among suburban women is also low, with only 26 percent of that group approving of the president.

The reason the number of women voters within various demographics is important is because another key figure in the Grinnell College poll revealed that female voters seemed determined to make their voices heard in 2020. Some 88 percent are committing to vote in 2020 in a percentage that is 10 points higher overall.

With regard to the female voter’s response in the poll, Selzer called the level of seeming alignment against the president “striking.”

“That is sort of the pin in the hand grenade. They have the opinion and they’re more likely to vote,” Selzer said.

President Donald Trump arrives for an address to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) convention.

That being said, Grinnell College did not run the only poll that indicated lower levels of support from suburban women. A Cygnal poll from August showed that a majority of suburban women — 56 percent — disapproved of the president. Nearly two-thirds of female suburban voters indicated that they believe someone other than Trump should be president in 2020.

A chief executive for Cygnal explained why he thinks there’s a downward trend in support for Trump among suburban women.

“Our research strongly suggests women in suburban communities are finding more appeal in Democratic policies, whether they were driven there by their dislike of the president or not,” Brent Buchanan said.

The latest poll comes in the wake of increased controversy in the Trump administration, with an announcement on Tuesday by House Democrats that a formal vote for an impeachment inquiry will take place on Thursday, according to The Inquisitr.