Fugitive Captured After 32 Years Ran Drug Rehab Center

A fugitive, captured after 32 years, was found to be running a drug rehab center in Pasadena, California. Richard Bradford was convicted of first-degree murder in 1971.

Bradford was released from prison in 1978 after serving seven years. In 1980, he missed an appointment with his parole officer and has been a fugitive for the last 32 years.

Authorities report that the fugitive was able to escape arrest by obtaining a false birth certificate and social security card. Bradford reportedly obtained the documentation before his release from prison.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Bradford lived in Pasadena under the name James Edward Heard for the last 32 years. Bradford thrived in Pasadena under his assumed identity, becoming a well-respected member of the community. Bradford’s biggest accomplishment was running a drug rehabilitation facility called Eaton Canyon Treatment Center, which was endorsed by Mayor Villaraigosa.

Despite his involvement in the community Bradford reportedly maintained a low profile. Authorities report that Bradford’s business activities were cloaked behind a trust. Additionally Bradford’s vehicles, credit cards, and properties were all in the name of the Eaton Canyon Treatment Center.

As reported by L.A. Weekly, police had been investigating Bradford since 2010. Fingerprints obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed that the man living as James Heard was in fact fugitive Richard Bradford. Two years later the fugitive was finally captured after 32 years.

Authorities initially contacted Bradford’s attorney and requested that he turn himself in. The attorney agreed, asking that his client have some time to get his affairs in order. Bradford failed to comply with the agreement. Police attempted to locate the fugitive for two more years.

As reported by CBS News, authorities finally caught up with Bradford last week. The man and his wife were followed to a home improvement store where they both were arrested.

When the police finally captured the fugitive after 32 years, they were able to conduct a search of his properties and obtained documentation of the change of the identity change.