Jeff Gordon ‘Pranks’ Car Salesman [Video]

Jeff Gordon Prank

Jeff Gordon pranked a used car salesman with a little bit of help from his friends at Pepsi Max.

Gordon, disguised as hesitant customer “Mike,” took a terrorized salesman, “Steve,” for a test drive in a Chevy Camaro. Some, however, are questioning the validity of the stunt.

The video involves the NASCAR driver dressing up in a disguise and wandering onto a used car lot with the help of two hidden cameras — one in his glasses and one in the Pepsi Max can he carries with him everywhere.

The Jeff Gordon prank video starts out with the NASCAR driver getting into a black Camaro with Mike, who appears to be laughing on the inside about his potential customer’s nervousness regarding such a powerful vehicle. After a couple of jerky stop-and-gos, Gordon appears to take the salesman’s advice to “get a feel for it.”

But to Mike’s horror, Gordon peels out of the parking lot and embarks on a harrowing ride that has the salesman appearing terrified.

The clip, titled “Test Drive,” has already racked up almost three million views on YouTube in the past day. But despite the car salesman’s mostly genuine surprise and the use of several curse words as the four-time Sprint Cup champion pulled u-turns and burnouts in the street car, Jeff Gordon’s prank is likely faked.

The first, albeit short, clue is the disclaimer at the 23-second marker, which reads “Closed Course. Professional Driver. Do not attempt.” And we promise we won’t. Gordon’s stunts are likely faked, considering the roads and parking lots he was driving through were part of a closed course.


Another clue that questions the authenticity of Gordon’s prank is the salesman’s almost imperceptible glances at the camera as the NASCAR driver pulls stunt after stunt. His screaming is likely genuine, however. Despite knowing he was being filmed, we doubt anyone would be able to sit through a ride like the one endured by Mike and not let out a shriek or two.

At the end of the video, the terrified car salesman threatens to call the cops on his potential customer — that is, until said customer reveals he’s Jeff Gordon.

Do you think the “Test Drive” video showcasing Jeff Gordon’s prank on a car salesman is authentic, or simply a publicity stunt for both the driver and Pepsi Max?