October 26, 2019
Republicans Need To Accept 'Things Are Going To Get A Lot Worse' For Donald Trump, Says Conservative Pundit

On Saturday, conservative pundit Charlie Sykes said that Republicans in Congress need to accept that "things are going to get a lot worse" for President Donald Trump, Raw Story reports.

Sykes went on MSNBC to discuss Republican complaints about the impeachment inquiry that the House of Representatives launched into Trump.

Republicans have been complaining about how the House is conducting the impeachment investigation, criticizing top Democrats for what they claim is a lack of transparency.

According to Sykes, that is all just political "theater."

The conservative commentator explained that he believes GOP lawmakers are realizing that Trump's defense is crumbling, which is why they are not talking about the substance of the allegations against the president, but focusing on process.

According to Sykes, what the GOP is trying to do is turn the entire investigation into a "circus," which is guaranteed to backfire.

"This is where the Republicans are at right now. They have to talk about the legitimacy of the process, focusing on that vote," the pundit said, explaining that he believes it is time for Republicans in the Senate to accept that everything is about to "get a lot worse" for Trump.

"Republicans in the Senate have to realize that things are going to get a lot worse in terms of the evidence, in terms of the venue that's going to be televised trial, in terms of the president's behavior," he said, adding that the GOP will soon no longer be able to raise questions about procedural issues.

According to Sykes, Republicans are soon going to have to deal with the substance of the allegations against Trump, instead of obstructing the entire process, "and the substance of this is a president who has abused his power and sold out the country."

Sykes is not the first prominent conservative media figure to point out that the GOP will have to deal with the substance of the allegations against Trump.

Earlier this week, Fox News host Chris Wallace said that Republicans are concerned about "process" because the facts are not on their side.

The anchor also suggested that Republican complaints about private hearings seem hypocritical, given that GOP lawmakers held private hearings during the investigation into the Benghazi attack.

Wallace predicted that complaints about procedural issues will not matter once televised hearings begin, suggesting that the American public will not be concerned about the alleged lack of transparency at that point.

According to impeachment advocates, Trump used the power of his office to pressure the government of Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. The president did so in order to damage Biden's 2020 campaign, House Democrats claim.