October 26, 2019
Netflix Snags First Four Seasons Of 'Billy On The Street'

Fans of game shows similar to Cash Cab can rejoice, as Netflix recently snagged the first four seasons of the TV series from TruTV, Billy on the Street.

According to fan site What's On Netflix, the history of Billy on the Street is a bit difficult to follow. The series dates back to 2011 and is coined as a long-running variety show. Billy on the Street aired its most recent season two years ago.

Netflix acquired the first four seasons of the series. Season 1, 3, and 4 consist of 10 episodes each. Season 2 consists of 12 episodes. The series follows comedian Billy Eichner, who ventures to the streets of New York with a microphone as he approaches complete strangers to quiz them by playing a handful of different games.

While Billy on the Street has aired on several different networks over the years, most consider it a TruTV series, as that is where it had its longest run. While the series was not canceled after Season 4, it did shift exclusively to YouTube on the Funny or Die channel.

When is Billyon the Street scheduled to land in the Netflix library?

According to What's On Netflix, the streaming giant has a relationship with Funny or Die. The duo teamed up to produce American Vandal and Between Two Ferns. The comedian himself took to Twitter a few days ago to confirm he would be landing in the Netflix library soon.

The Netflix U.S. platform will start streaming all four seasons of Billy on the Street on November 1. Unfortunately, no other regions have confirmed receiving the show in their libraries as well.

Fans of Billy Eichner want to know what the future holds for the comedian and the series.

Naturally, learning that Netflix picked up Billy on the Street has caused a few questions to pop up among the fan base. For starters, many want to know if Netflix is gearing up to consider renewing the series for a sixth season. After all, it has been a few years since Season 5 was released exclusively on YouTube. There is also the possibility that Netflix could take a completely different direction and give Billy his own movie as well.

Furthermore, fans question if the fifth season, as well as the web episodes produced at a later time, will also make their way over to the streaming library. Unfortunately, the fan chatter is nothing more than theories and questions at this time.

For those who recognize Billy's voice but aren't sure from where, it is because he was the voice actor for Timon in this summer's remake of The Lion King.

Those who cannot wait until November 1 to watch Billy on the Street can catch the comedian in Parks & Recreation, which is also available on the Netflix U.S. platform.