‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ Roster Expands With Doomsday And Others

'Injustice Gods Among Us' roster includes Doomsday and others

Injustice: Gods Among Us has increased its roster to include Doomsday, zombie Batman, and others.

Even though Batman has seen the best videogames out there, he isn’t the only character worthy of a good release. Thanks to Netherrealm Studios, the creators of the Mortal Kombat games, the DC Comics universe is getting its own fighting game. This time, thankfully, the Mortal Kombat cast is nowhere to be seen.

Batman will be there, of course. He’s the poster child of DC Comics videogames thus far. Not bad for an orphan who saw his parents murdered in front of him. The Dark Knight will be wearing armor much like what he adopted in Christopher Nolan’s films.

Superman, hailed as the only superhero whose identity is actually his superhero form (his alter ego is a mild-mannered reporter called Clark Kent), is here to prove his dominance as the most powerful hero of them all. In the Red Son DLC, he will also get a Russian backstory and outfit.

Flash, the fastest man alive, rings in with the ability to run rings around the opposition. His power originated from a moment when he was struck by lightning and a mixture of chemicals, and now he’s reportedly able to move so fast he can actually travel back in time.

Solomon Grundy is a zombie, regularly possessed by different souls. He’s super strong and hard to kill, and as of yet, has never been featured in a DC Comics book. His first appearance was alongside Batman in the videogame Batman: Arkham City. He gets the same treatment as Superman with the Red Son DLC.

Harley Quinn is the Joker’s biggest fan, and a degree-toting psychiatrist to boot. Her penchant for violence gave her the personality necessary to fall in love with the Joker and take on the role as his main hench- er, person.

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess imbued with the powers of four gods, and sent to teach the human race how to live in peace. Ironically, this leads her to fighting a lot. Like Superman and Solomon Grundy, she gets a Russian version with the Red Son DLC.


Other DC Comics regulars making an appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us are; Nightwing, Cyborg, Catwoman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Joker, Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, Bane, Aquaman, Shazam, Hawkgirl, Sinestro, Doomsday, and zombie versions of most of the characters (thanks to the Blackest Night DLC).

What do you think about the updated roster for Injustice: Gods Among Us?