October 28, 2019
NFL Trade Rumors: Eagles, Lions Seen As Frontrunners To Land Melvin Gordon Ahead Of Trade Deadline

Melvin Gordon could be on the move very soon, with reports indicating that the market for the Los Angeles Chargers running back is heating up.

Gordon missed the first four weeks of this season while holding out for a new contract, but could already be nearing the end of his tenure with the team that drafted him as he is reported to be on the trade block. As CBS Sports reported, third-year player Austin Ekeler stepped up in Gordon's absence enough to make him expendable, and Gordon's disappointing few games since returning haven't helped matters for him.

As the report noted, the struggling Chargers may now look to squeeze whatever value they can out of Gordon ahead of the trade deadline, as he appears all but gone after this season anyway. It's not clear how much that would be, as Gordon is at the end of his contract and made it known in the offseason that he wants to be paid among the top running backs in the league, but could be a rental player for a playoff-contending team.

The sports betting website SportsLine has put odds on where Gordon could end up, putting the Philadelphia Eagles and Detroit Lions as the most likely bets. As CBS Sports noted, the Eagles could be a particularly good fit as they were already in on the Gordon sweepstakes, reportedly the only team to make the Chargers an offer back in September when he was asking for a trade.

At 3-4, the Eagles would be looking for a spark to get back into playoff contention in a very competitive NFC, and Gordon would be seen as a major boost to the inconsistent offense.

The report noted that the surprising Buffalo Bills could be a potential landing spot for Gordon. The Bills have jumped out to one of the best starts in the AFC largely on the basis of their strong defense, and the addition of Gordon could make the team a contender to win the conference.

"Frank Gore, who is 36-years-old, has been OK for the Bills, and rookie Devin Singletary has flashed potential when healthy. But they could benefit from bringing in someone who could immediately make an impact on this offense," the report noted. "Second-year quarterback Josh Allen hasn't passed for 300 yards in a game yet, and has throw [sic] seven touchdowns and seven interceptions."

It's not clear if the Los Angeles Chargers have been active in shopping Melvin Gordon or exactly what they could be asking for him.