Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Confesses And Franco Seems Stunned

Valerie DurantWalt Disney Television

Fans will be anxious to see how crazy things get during Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that viewers will see more of Scott Baldwin grilling Dr. Kim Nero during Franco Baldwin’s competency hearing. She’s done some wild things since her son Oscar Nero’s death, and it sounds as if she may face reality as her testimony progresses.

As Thursday’s episode ended, Scott dropped the bombshell that Julian Jerome handed him. Scott mentioned the lengths Kim had seemingly been willing to go to in her quest to replace Oscar, and Kim probably didn’t expect this to be a topic of discussion during the hearing.

According to Soap Central, Kim will reveal something major during Friday’s show. General Hospital spoilers detail that she’ll be stunned as this conversation progresses, and it seems that she may admit that Scott’s information is correct.

Some fans noticed a facial twitch as “Drew Cain” listened to this allegation from Scott while questioning Kim. Franco is living with Drew’s memories from years ago, and that version of Drew had fallen for Kim. However, that facial expression may suggest that “Drew” might see Kim a bit differently when he hears about some of her recent missteps.

It certainly will be shocking to “Drew” and some in the courtroom if Kim admits that Scott’s allegations are true. However, fans wonder if there’s something bigger coming.

Could Kim have ended up pregnant when she hopped in the sack with “Drew” not long ago? That doesn’t seem like something she would reveal on the stand, but there’s been plenty of speculation that a bombshell like that might be on the horizon.

In addition, General Hospital rumors suggest that actress Tamara Braun is leaving the show and the role of Kim. Neither GH or Braun have confirmed that to be the case as of yet. However, the buzz is that the actress has already filmed her last scenes.

The preview for this week has teased that the judge will quickly reach a decision in this hearing. Fans will probably want to brace themselves for this to be a cliffhanger at the end of Friday’s show, but General Hospital spoilers signal that there’s plenty more with the Drew/Franco situation coming next week.

It seems that Franco will get help from somewhere or someone surprising next week. In addition, Elizabeth is expected to be dealing with heartbreak. Kim has more trouble coming her way, and it seems that Cameron may try to smooth things over with Jason.

Will Franco go through the procedure and get his real memories back? Additional General Hospital spoilers about where this is headed will emerge in the days ahead, and viewers are curious to hear more scoops.