Jana Duggar Talks About The Pressure To Get Married On The Next ‘Counting On’

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Jana Duggar is single and very happy with her life right now. However, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t hope to find the right guy, get married, and have a family of her own. On tomorrow’s episode of TLC’s Counting On, the 29-year-old will discuss the topic that pretty much every Duggar fan chatters about — her love life.

The reality star’s younger siblings have been getting hitched and having kids over the past few years, while fans have been wondering why Jana hasn’t found someone yet. They want to see her have her happy ever after, but it appears that she just hasn’t yet found her Prince Charming. On Tuesday, October 22, the eldest Duggar daughter will be asked if she feels the pressure to get married. As seen in the preview clip that TLC posted on Twitter, Jana takes a deep breath before she says anything. It looks like she will be clearing the air about it.

At the beginning of the preview clip, Jana’s younger brother, Jedidiah, reveals that she has “a bunch of guys after her.” That sounds like she isn’t lacking in some young lads vying for her attention, but that bunch of men may not be up to Jana’s standards. She has already said in a previous episode of the reality show that she has her own traits that she is looking for in the man that she marries, and it doesn’t look like she will settle for anything less. Jed did say that it will just be a matter of time before she finds her Mr. Right.

Jana had been dubbed the Cinderella Duggar a few years ago, and some may still call her that. They gave her that name because fans feel that all she does is cook, clean, and take care of her younger siblings. Some people thought that her parents don’t want her to get married because it would be too hard to replace her in all the things she does. However, Jana Duggar has proven that she is her own person that can do so much more.

The past couple of seasons of Counting On has seen John David’s twin take on huge projects, plan weddings, remodel, and plant an amazing garden. Now she is traveling without her family in tow and loving every minute of it.

Jana has been all over the place lately. She began traveling with her BFF, Laura DeMasie, and then met up with her family for a visit with Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo in Los Angeles. The rest of the family left, but she stayed with them a while longer to take in the big city sights. Duggar fans have been encouraging her to pick up and move to California, as The Inquisitr had previously reported.

Be sure to check out Tuesday’s episode of Counting On to see what Jana Duggar has to say about any future marriage plans.