October 21, 2019
'Shahs Of Sunset' Feud Update: Mike Shouhed Responds To Reza Farahan's Letter Of Cease And Desist

Mike Shouhed is responding to Reza Farahan's letter of cease and desist.

During an interview with TMZ on October 21, the Shahs of Sunset cast member reacted to Reza's decision to take legal action against him over his online business, which sells T-shirts with Farahan's face on them.

"I've had this set up for years. It was an homage to my friends on the show... a place where people can go and buy cute shirts that are like a parody and enjoy it and bring light to the show," Shouhed explained to the outlet while out in Los Angeles.

According to Shouhed, Farahan suddenly has an issue with the sale of his T-shirts, even though the website has been doing the same thing for the past several years. Shouhed also pointed out that he wore T-shirts in front of Farahan that featured Farahan on the front for years leading up to his cease and desist letter.

While Shouhed and his co-star, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, poked fun at Farahan's legal filing on their Instagram pages at the end of last week, Shouhed isn't taking the issue lightly. He confirmed to TMZ that he has hired an attorney and is currently in talks about how they will move forward.

When Shouhed was asked why Farahan has taken such issue with him as of late, Shouhed suggested that Farahan is acting out of revenge after he and a number of their co-stars, including Javid, began facing turmoil while filming the upcoming eighth season of Shahs of Sunset. Although fans of the Bravo TV reality series will have to wait and see what happened between Farahan and the rest of the cast, Shouhed confirmed the two of them haven't spoken in more than a month before admitting that he fears for Farahan's well-being.

As Shouhed explained, Farahan has been "fighting demons" for the past year, and because he hasn't had his back throughout those struggles, Farahan has reportedly lashed out at him.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Shouhed first went public with Farahan's legal filing against him last Thursday, when he shared a photo of the cease and desist letter on his Instagram page and told his fans and followers that he and Farahan don't seem to be homeboys any longer.

Shouhed and his co-stars are expected to return to Bravo TV sometime later this year or early next year for the upcoming eighth season of Shahs of Sunset.