The Elderly Mother Of Missing Connecticut Woman Jennifer Dulos Is Fighting For Justice

Jennifer Dulos of Connecticut has been missing since May 24 and still, law enforcement appears to be no closer to locating the mother of five. If Jennifer is alive, she would be 51-years-old. Nevertheless, police claim they no longer expect that Jennifer will ever be coming home. The primary suspects in the case are Fotis Dulos, Jennifer’s estranged husband, and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis. Jennifer’s elderly mother Gloria Farber has been going to bat for her legally, demanding justice and going after the two primary suspects involved in this case, according to The Advocate.

Currently, Jennifer’s five children, ranging in age from 8-years-old to 13-years-old, are living with Farber in her New York City apartment. In addition to caring for the kids, Farber has been doing what she can to get information from Troconis and Fotis. Most recently, she’d filed civil lawsuits worth $2.5 million against Fotis, claiming he never repaid loans that she and her late husband gave to him. The suits call for information regarding Fotis’ finances and the real estate company he owns. Troconis was called in to answer questions about her boyfriend’s business dealings but refused to answer, pleading the fifth for every single question.

Now, Richard Weinstein, the attorney that is representing Farber, is claiming that Troconis is abusing her Fifth Amendment rights. The attorney brought up several details regarding Troconis’ role in this case in an attempt to discredit her, pointing out the fact that she and Fotis even created alibi notes in an attempt to keep their stories straight when questioned by the press of the police about Jennifer’s disappearance.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jennifer’s birthday was last month. Unfortunately, she wasn’t around to celebrate with her family. Nevertheless, in an emotional public statement, her family requested that in honor of her birthday that others may do something kind for those in their lives. They went on to say that they continue to miss Jennifer more and more as time passes.

“In Jennifer’s honor, her family and loved ones would like to encourage gestures of kindness — send a loving note to a friend, assist a person in need, tell a child they’re special. Jennifer has now been missing for more than four months. The heartbreak goes on even as time moves forward.”

Both Troconis and Fotis have been arrested twice in connection with this case. They face two charges of tampering with evidence each and one case of interfering with the investigation.

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