The Family Of Jennifer Dulos Has A Special Request On The Missing Mother’s 51st Birthday

Jennifer Dulos is a Connecticut mother of five that has been missing since May 24. Despite ongoing search efforts and hundreds of volunteers from the community, law enforcement has not yet been able to find her and bring her home to her family. At this point, investigators are unfortunately no longer expecting to find Jennifer alive. Last Friday would have been Jennifer’s 51st birthday. The fact that she wasn’t around to celebrate with her loved ones was heartbreaking for them. Thus, her family made a statement about a special request they are asking for in tribute to Jennifer, according to The Daily News.

Jennifer’s five children, ranging in age from 8-years-old to 13-years-old, are without their mother, still clinging to hope that a miracle could happen. Despite how horrific the situation is, Jennifer’s family wants to bring good out of it in some way. For that reason, they are spreading kindness and asking that anyone who would like to pay tribute to Jennifer try to do something to help someone else or bring someone else some joy.

“In Jennifer’s honor, her family and loved ones would like to encourage gestures of kindness — send a loving note to a friend, assist a person in need, tell a child they’re special. Jennifer has now been missing for more than four months. The heartbreak goes on even as time moves forward,” the statement read.

The family went on to thank those that have supported them throughout this excruciatingly painful time, and also recognized the “tireless and dedicated efforts” of the New Canaan and Connecticut State Police.

Currently, there are two primary suspects in this case, as The Inquisitr previously reported. Jennifer’s estranged husband Fotis Dulos and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis have been arrested twice in connection with the case. They each face two counts of tampering with evidence and one count of interfering with the investigation. They have both pleaded not guilty and are currently out of jail on bail. After both of the arrests, the bail was set at a whopping $500,000 a person.

On the night that Michelle disappeared, two people closely resembling Fotis and Michelle were caught on video footage dropping off various bags into dumpsters. The bags were later found to contain Jennifer’s bloody clothes. Despite how guilty he looks, Fotis has proclaimed his innocence in two televised interviews.

“I would like to thank all those people who have given me their support. I just want to tell you how much I love my children, and I can’t wait to see them,” Fotis said after a court hearing on Monday.

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