Suspect Fotis Dulos In Hot Water With The Judge Presiding Over Jennifer Dulos’ Case

Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of missing Connecticut mother Jennifer Dulos, is in the middle of some massive legal drama. Jennifer disappeared on May 26, leaving behind five children between the ages of 8- and 13-years-old. Police believe that Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis had something to do with Jennifer’s disappearance.

Fotis is being treated as one of the primary suspects in the case and is expected to wear a GPS tracking device on his ankle so that law enforcement knows where he is at all times. However, he’s reportedly failed to keep the device charged and is now in trouble with the judge presiding over the case, according to Fox News.

On Monday, Fotis is expected to appear in front of the judge, where he may have to explain the allegations against him. He’s been arrested twice now in connection to his estranged wife’s disappearance and is currently facing two counts of tampering with evidence and one count of interfering with the investigation. Troconis, meanwhile, faces the same charges. They have both pleaded not guilty and are currently out on bail. Fotis even went as far as doing two television interviews in which he publicly proclaimed his innocence, claiming that he and Jennifer had their differences when they were married but that he would never ever hurt her.

One of the rules of Fotis’ release on bail was to keep his GPS ankle monitor charged to at least 25 percent at all times. Apparently, he’s found it difficult to keep up with this. His probation officers claim his device has fallen below the 25 percent mark on several occasions since his release from prison.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, both Troconis and Fotis were arrested shortly after Jennifer’s disappearance when two people closely resembling them appeared on video surveillance behaving in some extremely suspicious behavior. The two were captured driving around dropping garbage bags into different dumpsters. The bags were later found to contain Jennifer’s bloody clothes.

Earlier this month, the pair were arrested for the second time when law enforcement found a blood-like substance containing Jennifer’s DNA in one of Fotis’ vehicles. An employee who used to work for Fotis came forward to state that Fotis had the seats of that same vehicle replaced shortly after his estranged wife’s disappearance. The vehicle was also washed and detailed.

Meanwhile, Troconis’ lawyer, Andrew Bowman, has been asking the public to consider Troconis innocent unless evidence proves otherwise.

“Michelle is presumed innocent and she should be. We’re letting the judgment in this case rest in the jury’s hands,” he said.

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