Poisoned Alcohol Death Roll Rises In Libya

Libya Alcohol Poisoning

Officials have stated that the poisoned alcohol death toll in Libya continues to rise.

At least 60 people have been killed from drinking homemade alcohol which contained methanol. Authorities believe that as many as 700 people have been harmed from drinking the illegal brews.

Although officials have stated that the poisoned alcohol death toll continues to rise, pinpointing an exact number has been difficult. While some news organizations have stated that as many as 60 people have died from these homemade concoctions, others suggest that the poisoning has claimed the lives of 79 individuals.

Minister Nouri Doghman said that people have experienced life-threatening side effects from the poisoned alcohol. While some suffered blindness after consuming the homemade substance, others experienced kidney failure. A handful of victims have also slipped into comas.

Since alcohol is illegal in the country, Libyans often turn to the black market to get the drinks. Since there are no regulations in place to make sure these beverages are safe for human consumption, a lot of people are being poisoned.

Authorities stated that the alcohol is often crafted inside private homes or deserted farms. Doctors, hospitals, and medical professionals in and around Tripoli have been put on emergency stand-by in case the poisoned alcohol death toll continues to rise.

The Libyan health ministry has asked citizens not to consume any alcoholic beverages in an attempt to keep people from getting hurt. In addition to being against laws of Islam, authorities are concerned about the overall health of Libyan citizens.

A drink known locally as “Bokha” has been singled out as one of the major contributors to the alcohol poisoning. The drink — which is distilled from figs, dates, and grapes — is sold illegally in the capital and its suburbs. Authorities are asking people to stay away from the drink.

Officials believe the poisoned alcohol death toll will continue to rise. The ministry is currently investigating the matter.

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