Large Number Of Senate Republicans Will Soon Turn On Donald Trump, Anthony Scaramucci Predicts

BEN GABBEGetty Images

Donald Trump could soon be losing the only support keeping him from being removed from office, former White House member Anthony Scaramucci predicts.

A Trump critic who turned into one of his biggest backers before taking a shortlived position as White House communications director, Scaramucci is once again among the most vocal critics of the president on the right and predicted this week that many more Republicans will be joining him. In an appearance on CNN (via HuffPost), Scaramucci predicted that a large number of Senate Republicans are prepared to turn on Trump.

While Republicans have, for the most part, held the line in support of Trump amid the House impeachment inquiry, Scaramucci predicted that Trump’s “meltdown” regarding Syria could be the breaking point. Trump has taken bipartisan criticism for the hasty decision to move troops in Syria and allow Turkey to launch a long-awaited military operation targeting America’s Kurdish allies.

“As more facts unfold about Syria, as more facts unfold about the people that have been arrested recently, and the conjoinment of all those issues over there, it’s going to be devastating for the president,” Scaramucci predicted.

“The criminal activity will be so great that the GOP, and there will be 20-plus senators who’ll say, ‘OK, I can’t take this anymore,'” he said.

Were that to happen, it might increase the chances that Trump is removed from office. It seems likely there are enough votes in the Democrat-controlled House to impeach the president and send it to the Senate for a trial, but in order for Trump to be removed from office, it would take a two-thirds vote. That would mean a significant number of Republicans would need to break with Trump and vote with the Democrats.

As The Inquisitr reported, Scaramucci has been increasingly vocal on Trump’s impeachment and the prediction that the president will be removed from office. As allegations that Trump was improperly pressuring Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden were unfolding and Democrats were moving quickly into an impeachment inquiry, Scaramucci said he believed Trump’s days in the White House were numbered.

“He is gone. It’s only a matter of time now and negotiation,” Scaramucci tweeted. “[Donald Trump] is done.”

Anthony Scaramucci has also been open about what he sees as a sharp mental decline from Trump, saying he believes the president is having a meltdown and needs to leave office for the sake of his own mental health.