Hannah Brown Plays Coy When Asked About Possible Reunion With 'The Bachelorette' Runner-Up Tyler Cameron

Some fans are still holding out hope that Hannah Brown might end up reuniting with Tyler Cameron, her runner-up from The Bachelorette. Both Hannah and Tyler are reportedly single now, but fans may not want to get too excited about this possibility. Hannah was asked about this reunion possibility this week, but it doesn't sound as if she's willing to say very much.

Hannah faced questions about her love life when chatting with ET Online after Monday night's Disney-themed week on Dancing with the Stars. Hannah and her DWTS partner, Alan Bersten, danced to the song "A Whole New World," and she was asked about her love life after the performance.

Hannah was asked who she'd like to see on her magic carpet riding alongside her in the future and she initially said it'd be her dog, Roscoe. When interviewer Keltie Knight mentioned that since he's single again, she wondered if "Ty" might be Hannah's pick, Hannah looked legitimately confused.

Keltie went on to say "Ty C.," which was still confusing, and then she said "Tyler C."

At this point, The Bachelorette star realized where Knight had been heading with this and said she was riding her magic carpet ride solo.

By the sounds of things, even if Hannah and Tyler were to reconnect to some degree, The Bachelorette stars would do their best to keep it under wraps.

Hannah and Alan were then asked if maybe he would ride Hannah's magic carpet with her. In response to that, the DWTS duo joked about the carpet being broken and they said they'd rely on Uber.

As soon as Hannah and Alan were partnered, some fans started speculating that perhaps a romance could blossom between the two single Dancing with the Stars cast members. They've seemingly done their best to avoid much talk about this and Hannah insists that she's focused on dancing rather than dating right now.

Even when Tyler was still rumored to be dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, he played coy in interviews. The Inquisitr noted that in response to questions at one point, The Bachelorette runner-up said he wasn't in love with anybody. Tyler and Gigi seemed to be a thing for a couple of months, but more recently, he's signaled that they are no longer an item.

Could Hannah and Tyler find their way back to one another at some point? It seems that the ship has sailed for these two Bachelorette stars, and apparently Dancing with the Stars fans shouldn't count on a romance between Hannah and Alan, either.