Raiven Adams, 'Alaskan Bush People' Star Bear Brown's Pregnant Girlfriend, Deletes Instagram Amid Mean Attacks

Raiven Adams is leaving Instagram after a series of mean-spirited attacks on the Alaskan Bush People star.

Adams is the pregnant girlfriend of Bear Brown, who is featured on the Discovery Channel reality show about his family's life in Alaska. Raiven had come under attack from mean-spirited internet trolls in recent weeks who have questioned the baby's paternity, prompting Raiven to make her Instagram page private and leading Bear to plead with fans to leave her alone.

That attempt seems to have failed. A link to Raiven's Instagram feed now leads to a message saying the page has been removed. A report from The Blast noted that Raiven deactivated the account on Sunday morning.

The deactivation came just a few days after Bear Brown took to his own private Instagram page to beg people to stop sending negative messages to her. As PopCulture noted, some had been telling her to take a paternity test and sending other mean-spirited messages. The posters apparently questioned whether Raiven may have gotten pregnant by another man in the short time that the couple split up last year.

By Thursday, Bear Brown had enough of it.

"Everybody! Please stop sending Raiven disrespectful messages," he wrote. "She's is going through enough without naysayers spreading gossip! Raiven is pregnant with my child! We've been living in the same house for a while!"

Brown then commented on the people who had been telling her to take a paternity test, saying it was "100% impossible" that the baby was not his given the time frame.

"So please remember if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Raiven is the love of my life please show her the respect she deserves! And to everyone out there who has been so supportive! Thank you! Stay AWESOME!" he wrote.

As the report noted, Brown met Raiven Adams at his brother's wedding last year. The relationship moved quickly, as they announced their engagement on August 28.

The relationship has had its share of ups and downs. Two weeks after the engagement announcement, Adams said that the couple had broken up, citing the "harassment" that she faced since being thrust into the spotlight. Adams wrote in a message that she and Bear would remain friends, but thought that the relationship was not "meant to be."

That changed again a few days later, when Raiven Adams announced that she was pregnant. The couple got back together a few weeks later.