'RHOC' Star Emily Simpson Confirms Husband Shane Failed The Bar Exam, Reveals If He Cares About Backlash

Emily Simpson appeared on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she opened up about her husband, Shane Simpson, and his recently failed bar exam.

During the episode, a fan called in to ask the Real Housewives of Orange County star if it was true that Shane had not passed his test after he was seen studying hard on the series' earlier episodes of Season 14.

"It's true. So, he did not pass," Emily explained to the caller. "He took it in February and he got the results in May and he didn't pass."

Emily was then asked if all of that studying was worth it and exclaimed, "Well, apparently not!"

As fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County will recall, Shane spent a lot of time away from Emily and their three kids as he prepared for the exam and faced criticism when he admitted on the show that he didn't miss his family when he was away.

Due to his behavior, Shane has become a bit of a villain on the show and some have compared him to to Jim Bellino, the former husband of Alexis Bellino, who starred on The Real Housewives of Orange County from Season 5 through Season 8.

"I mean, he's also been compared to Simon Barney. I think he's compared to anyone people hate. So, it is what it is," Emily said after being asked about the comparisons, adding that Shane doesn't care about the backlash "at all."

Also during the episode, which was hosted by Andy Cohen, Emily admitted that her husband doesn't like to film before accusing him of acting like a petulant child who throws a tantrum, rather than being a good sport about her position on the hit series.

Emily and Shane experienced a lot of ups and downs in their marriage throughout The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 14 but in the months since filming wrapped, as The Inquisitr revealed, they appear to be doing well. In fact, as Emily confirmed during the Watch What Happens Live episode, despite the seemingly mean things Shane said about her and their relationship, she wasn't all that bothered by his on-screen antics. Instead, she brushed them off and allowed his off-camera behavior determine how she felt about him.

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