Carrie Underwood’s Special Guests, Maddie & Tae, Rock Crop Tops And Goof Off After Concert

Jason KempinGetty Images for CMT

Carrie Underwood was joined by special guests Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye of the female country music duo Maddie & Tae for the most recent leg of her “Cry Pretty Tour 360.” After the two talented young women helped get the crowd at Pittsburgh’s PPG Paints Arena all pumped up for Underwood’s performance on Saturday night, they unwound in the dressing room by getting a bit goofy.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Carrie Underwood has been rocking a lot of sparkly costumes during her “Cry Pretty Tour 360.” Her musical guests also embraced shiny looks for performances of some of their biggest hits, including “Bathroom Floor.” After they left the stage, the twosome shared a few concert videos on the Maddie & Tae Instagram page, giving fans who couldn’t attend the event a good look at their outfits.

Madison Marlow rocked a pair of high-waisted black leather shorts with a shimmery copper crop top, while Taylor Dye wore a much shorter black crop top with spaghetti straps. The belly-baring garment was covered with tiny twinkling rhinestones, and it also featured beaded fringe on the front. She completed her look with a pair of distressed, faded jeans with a strip of rhinestones down the side.

A post-concert video that the duo shared on their Instagram page gives fans an even better view of their outfits. In it, a barefoot Taylor hides behind a wall in the concert venue’s dressing room as she waits for Madison to walk by. When she does, Taylor jumps out and scares her, prompting Madison to scream and throw the cheese stick in her hand at her laughing band mate.

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She threw her cheese stick at me hahahahah ????

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Maddie & Tae shared a few more videos on their Instagram stories, including one in which Taylor asks Madison for her thoughts on “scaring the bejeebus” out of her.

“It’s not Halloween yet,” Madison responds.

In a third video, Madison tries to get revenge on Taylor by hiding in the same spot in the dressing room. However, her prank doesn’t go according to plan when a smiling Taylor walks around the corner and places her hands on Madison’s shoulders. This unexpected twist gives both girls a case of the giggles.

“Could you see me?” Madison asks.

“No, I just felt your vibrations,” Taylor responds.

While Maddie & Tae seem to be having a great time touring with Carrie Underwood, the singers were initially nervous about working with one of the biggest music stars in the world. Before they hit the road with Carrie, Madison talked about the physical reaction she experienced when she thought about being in the presence of country music royalty.

“My palms get drenched in sweat,” Madison said, as reported by Taste of Country. “I don’t get nervous around just anyone, but we just respect and just admire her so much.”

If Taylor wants to prank Madison again, it sounds like she could give her an even bigger scare by enlisting the help of Carrie Underwood.