That Blonde Electra Sister Kiss! Outrage Sweeps Twitter After Siblings Smooch On 'X-Factor' Show

Blonde Electra, a sister act pop duo, shared a kiss on the lips Sunday, causing outrage online during the final of The X-Factor reality show competition. But mostly, viewers were simply bewildered by what the real-life sisters were hoping to accomplish by smooching in seemingly intimate fashion on national United Kingdom television.

Blonde Electra consists of sisters Jasmine "Jazzy" King and Natasha "Ruby" King, who are ages 24 and 22 respectively. They are known as much for their eccentric behavior and quirky public image as for their electronic brand of hip-hop style music.

And that eccentricity was on full display Sunday. After the sister act was the first of 16 finalists in the competition to be eliminated, they came back on stage in the final show to join the remainder of the season's contestants.

Then, without warning and for no apparent reason — and with former Spice Girl Mel B looking on — the two Electra Sisters proceeded to lock lips.

Electra sister kiss outrage

The seemingly innocuous if rather unusual kiss sparked immediate reaction in the forum where immediate reactions are most often expressed in our current media environment, Twitter.

British radio personality Lucy Horobin was among the first to chime in, declaring, "You should NOT kiss your sister like that." Others declared the sister kiss "creepy."

A flood of Twitter outrage ensued, with at least one Twitter user even declaring that the "incest" kiss between the two sisters constituted a setback for the cause of gay and lesbian rights.

Another Twitter user wondered how the Blonde Electra sister duo somehow managed to continue singing even as their lips were pressed together. "Funny that," remarked the Twitter poster. Fran Newman-Young of the British reality series Made In Chelsea dismissed the sister kiss as a "desperate publicity stunt."

Not everyone was filled with outrage, however.

Desperate though the stunt may have been, but it clearly worked as the swarm of media coverage following the kiss has apparently overwhelmed the outrage.