WWE Rumors: Major Update On CM Punk's Return

News surrounding CM Punk's potential return to WWE has been frequent ever since Friday Night SmackDown jumped to FOX. The network wants the former WWE superstar to serve as an analyst on their WWE Backstage show, which would see him discuss all matters related to the company, alongside Renee Young and Booker T.

While his return has yet to be officially confirmed, Sportskeeda is reporting that Punk looks one step closer to accepting an offer from FOX. Earlier this week, his merchandise was pulled from the Pro Wrestling Tees store, which suggests that he's close to joining the upcoming WWE show.

When superstars sign with WWE, their merchandise tends to be pulled from other online outlets like Pro Wrestling Tees. Vince McMahon's company controls their employees' merchandise, with performers usually given a cut of the money for every item sold.

While the FOX deal doesn't involve Punk signing with WWE, it's possible that there's a clause in his contract with the network that prevents him from selling his merchandise elsewhere. Whether this means that WWE would distribute his merchandise again remains to be seen.

The merchandise being pulled came shortly after a Wrestling Observer Newsletter article revealed that Punk's trial for the show was a success. While it doesn't confirm that he's joined quite yet, all signs point towards it happening.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, Punk joining WWE Backstage has been a "done deal" since his audition for the show. Furthermore, in a recent interview with Collider, via YouTube, he confirmed that he'd tried out for the show and would accept an offer if it was right for him.


However, fans who expect Punk to return to the ring following any future association with WWE might be disappointed, as the former World Champion also told Collider that he doesn't want to wrestle anymore.

While he didn't rule out a return to in-ring action in the future, he said that it would require him to be able to trust a wrestling company again. Punk's departure from WWE was dramatic, and it resulted in him suing the company in an ugly lawsuit that came to an end last year.

Should Punk accept the WWE Backstage role, he won't be required to get physical again or even engage in storylines. Like panel shows for other sports on FOX, WWE Backstage will observe the company's product and commentators will be expected to give their honest, unfiltered opinions. For someone as outspoken as Punk, it's a perfect job.