The Duggars Spent $617 On A Burger Joint Meal In NYC

The Duggars make really good money from their hit TLC reality series, and they need that money to feed their gigantically large family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took their enormous brood out for a meal on Monday, and it cost them $617.

So how exactly did the family spend more money on a single meal than many families spend on a month’s worth of food?

First, there were 23 people eating; second, they are in Manhattan where soda by itself costs $2.

According to the Bill’s Bar Burger menu, a simple burger starts at $7.95, and that price can easily double with extra meat, cheese, and other toppings. The food establishment also offers $6 shakes, $4 fries, and $8 nachos. While those prices are indicative of the restaurants starting prices the family’s full $617 meal was confirmed after they left.

The Duggars actually saved some money since six of their children qualified for the kid’s menu. The lower cost kid’s menu offers $7.95 meals.

The 19 Kids And Counting stars are regular visitors to New York City where they often appear on NBC’s Today Show.

The Duggars were in New York City this week to announce the upcoming birth of the family’s third grandchild. Josh and Anna Duggar appeared with several family members on Monday morning to announce their upcoming baby. The Duggars will welcome grandchild number three in June 2013.

Could you ever justify spending more than $600 on a family meal? And just think about it for a moment: That meal was at a relatively cheap eating establishment. A trip to the Olive Garden with the Duggars could literally make my monthly mortgage payment.

Before becoming a huge reality TV star, Jim Bob Duggar worked various jobs to support his large and growing family. Now we know why the father of 19 needed to work whenever and wherever he could.

In the meantime, we will be waiting for the next Duggar’s baby announcement, which likely isn’t too far away.