‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Showrunners Tease A ‘TWD’ Crossover For Isabelle

With the advent of so many series set within the Walking Dead universe, viewers are constantly wondering when the next crossover will occur. And, according to Comic Book, the next crossover could see a character from Fear the Walking Dead turning up in one of the Walking Dead movies.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses AMC’s The Walking Dead and its companion series, Fear the Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead saw the introduction of a character that has links to AMC’s companion series, The Walking Dead. Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) was introduced as a character who works for the mysterious CRM organization, recently discussed in a previous article by The Inquisitr. Striking up a connection with Althea (Maggie Grace), the pair parted on romantic terms. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that the couple will get to meet up again as Isabelle’s group is averse to that sort of contact between their organization and people on the ground.

However, Fear the Walking Dead‘s showrunners, Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, were questioned recently on Talking Dead about this couple and the potential for Isabelle to turn up again in the world of The Walking Dead. During the conversation, the possibility of a crossover was discussed.

“I mean, anything’s possible,” Goldberg said before Chambliss chimed in with his response.

“We’ll say we’re big fans of those two characters, and we’d love to see them again. And I think we’ll also say it’s a very big universe, and Isabelle could pop up anywhere.”

As Comic Book points out, with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) being rescued by the same group in The Walking Dead, the most obvious place for Isabelle to appear at this point in time appears to be the trio of movies that will delve into Rick’s story after he was rescued by the CRM organization.

However, Isabelle could literally pop up anywhere, considering her organization has ties between the two TV series as well as the upcoming movies. In addition, the third Walking Dead series is also believed to have connections to this same organization.

This means that viewers will just have to tune into future episodes of AMC’s Walking Dead series in order to find out more about Sydney and the potential for her to crossover between the two series.

Fear the Walking Dead recently concluded its fifth season, with AMC confirming its renewal for Season 6. However, as yet, no premiere date has been set. Currently, The Walking Dead is airing every Sunday night on AMC.

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