Kaley Cuoco Admits She Has An ‘Unconventional’ Marriage For This Reason

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The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco shares plenty of interesting content with her 5.6 million Instagram followers, from her chic looks when she’s all dolled up for the red carpet to her more casual looks while she’s just hanging out at home with her animals. She also occasionally shares pictures of herself and her husband, Karl Cook.

Recently, though, the blond bombshell revealed a little bit of insight on her marriage with Cook — and the duo has a more unconventional arrangement than many other couples. Cuoco spilled all the details about her living arrangement with Cook in an interview with Us Weekly in which she revealed that the two of them actually aren’t even living together. However, it’s not because of any marital strife or issues.

It turns out that the happy couple is currently in the process of building their perfect space, and just haven’t found the need to live in the same place while they wait. Cuoco shared some details with Extra about the situation.

“Life is about balance. It’s great — we are building our dream house, so we’re gonna be in our home together very soon. But as of now, it’s worked out fine for us. I have no problem with it.”

While Cuoco hasn’t shared too many details about her in-the-works dream home with her Instagram followers, fans can likely expect a peek at Cook and Cuoco’s forever home as the construction continues.

The fact that she and her husband are in separate homes for the meantime isn’t something new in their relationship. She mentioned in a previous interview with E! News that she and Cook do well with having some independence and space of their own, and are often traveling or separated for various reasons anyway. Cuoco has a busy schedule as an actress, and Cook is likewise often occupied with his equestrian duties.

Given the fact that the two of them are accustomed to spending plenty of time solo, Cuoco’s fans are likely curious as to what their dream home will look like. Perhaps the couple will carve out their own solo spaces within their home together, so they can still have some time to spend on their own, should the need arise.

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In countless interviews since she tied the knot with Cook last year, Cuoco has raved about their relationship and what a strong bond the couple has. The two clearly have fun with one another, as fans can tell even from the few posts Cuoco has shared.

Cuoco’s fans will have to ensure they’re following her on Instagram to guarantee that they don’t miss out on any big reveals if she shares more details about her dream house. Until then, her followers can just enjoy the sizzling selfies she takes, such as a recent snap in which she shared a shot of herself in a black nightie.