Lance Armstrong’s Life Being Chronicled In Two Movies

Lance Armstrong’s his life and alleged lies are due to be chronicled in two separate movies in the very near future. Hollywood is never one to shy away from a big story and ever since the cycling star came out and admitted doping, Armstrong’s story qualifies as one of the biggest.

It appears that neither of the two movies that are being made will take a particularly positive look at the 7-time Tour de France winner. Warner Brothers is one of the studios that has a picture in the works surrounding the doping scandal that surrounded Armstrong’s professional life.

The man who has become a punchline more than a sporting hero these days, but there is apparently still a draw towards the man who was once lauded for such spectacular feats of athletic prowess so soon after surviving cancer.

The other movie that might be in the works is apparently being put together by JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot productions. That particular film had been rumored to be going after Bradley Cooper to star, but Cooper himself had shot those rumors down.

The Warner Brothers version might actually be about quite a bit more than just Lance Armstrong’s role in the doping scandal. Reports indicate that as part of that particular movie, the studio has purchased the life right of Tyler Hamilton.

Tyler Hamilton had once been a trusted teammate of Armstrong’s when they both raced for the United States Postal Service. Hamilton was one of the first who was willing to come forward and claim that Armstrong had been doping.

In retaliation for those actions, Armstrong all but completely blackballed Hamilton from the racing profession while maintaining his innocence. The two studios will likely now have to engage in a race to the box office.

Will you go watch a movie that is centered around Lance Armstrong?