December 22, 2014
'Better Call Saul:' AMC Releases New Trailer For 'Breaking Bad' Spinoff

Fans of AMC's Breaking Bad series got some long-awaited good news Monday: a new trailer for the upcoming spinoff Better Call Saul has dropped.

Earlier this month, AMC released some Better Call Saul details via this report from the Inquisitr. The show will star Bob Odenkirk, who originally appeared midway through Breaking Bad's run as Walter White's lawyer. The new spinoff will be a prequel, taking place six years before the events in Breaking Bad.

Unlike other Better Call Saul promotional material including trailers, the trailer that dropped Monday actually shows footage from the show! Indie Wire writer Kevin Jagernauth nicely sums up how frustrating AMC's Better Call Saul promotional effort has been up until today's trailer release.

"AMC has been doing a good if somewhat frustrating job of marketing the hell out of their upcoming Better Call Saul without much in the way of images or footage from the series. There has been a very small amount, but it has been seemed wildly out of proportion with the amount of effort they are expending on a program that's still a good two months away from broadcast."
Unfortunately, the new trailer is only 30 seconds long, but it's 30 seconds more actual Better Call Saul footage than fans have seen up until this point, so something is better than nothing. The scene takes place in 2002, when Saul Goodman was a low-rent criminal lawyer named James M. McGill. How and why McGill became Saul Goodman, the attorney who puts the "criminal" in "criminal attorney," will undoubtedly be the over-arching story as Better Call Saul plays out on the small screen.

The two-night series premiere of Better Call Saul will begin on Sunday, February 8 at 10/9 Central.

[Image courtesy of: New York Daily News]