Conservative Anchor Urges Donald Trump Allies To Reconsider Support For President As Ukraine Scandal Grows

During the opening statement of Unfiltered, broadcast on Saturday, conservative CNN anchor, S.E. Cupp, urged President Donald Trump’s allies to reconsider their support for the commander-in-chief, Mediaite reports.

Cupp began the monologue by explaining that she believes Trump’s strategy consists of three stages: denial, normalization, and attack.

According to the anchor, whenever the president finds himself in the center of a scandal, he goes through three different stages. At first, he vehemently denies the accusations being thrown at him.

“He said he didn’t pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, but that he could, but then the Ukraine call transcript came out showing he did just that. So Trump moved to the normalized phase. He said the call was perfect,” she said, adding that Trump had also asked China to investigate the Bidens.

Once denial is no longer an option, according to Cupp, Trump enters the “normalization” phase, during which he makes the case that what he is being accused of doing is actually perfectly fine.

In the third and final phase, the anchor explained, the president goes on the offensive.

“Well now he’s onto the attack stage,” she said, noting that Trump is now viciously attacking House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, and Utah Republican Mitt Romney.

“This one is actually really, really simple,” Cupp said of the Ukraine scandal, arguing that evidence suggests Trump pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden, threatening to withhold military aid unless the country complied with his request, and then later tried to cover everything up.

“It’s in a transcript, it’s in text messages and it’s out of the president’s own mouth,” she said, before urging Trump’s allies to reconsider their support for the president.

Whether what Trump appears to have done constitutes an impeachable offense or not, according to Cupp, those around him “need to ask themselves a pretty serious question: How much longer do they keep saying this was OK?”

Trump’s accusations against Biden and his alleged requests that Ukraine investigates the former vice president have prompted the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to launch a formal impeachment inquiry.

Biden has strongly pushed back against the president’s claims, arguing that there is not a “shred of evidence” to suggest that his son Hunter benefited financially from his father being vice president.

As The Hill reported, Biden penned an op-ed in The Washington Post on Saturday, vowing to fight back, ripping into Trump, and saying that he will beat him “like a drum” in 2020.

According to the former vice president, Trump is singling him out because he knows he is the strongest Democratic candidate.

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