WWE News: Hall Of Famer Praises Kane, Recalls Teaming With Him

An early picture of Kane in his original costume

As a member of the legendary D-Generation X stable, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman teamed with fellow Hall of Famers Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, Chyna, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. He was also a member of the New World Order faction, which saw him team with countless other groundbreaking talents. However, his favorite wrestler to tag with was Kane.

As quoted by 411Mania, during the latest episode of his X-Pac 12360 podcast, Waltman revealed that teaming with Kane helped his career, and it was one of the most creatively fulfilling experiences of it as well.

“[The] stuff we did, the stuff we created, the moments and you know the matches and all that, I just, it’s my favorite. Just for creative reasons. Really proud of some of those matches we had … Really grateful because as much as [Glenn Jacobs — Kane’s real name] says how good that was for him and his career, same for me. So yeah, it was great for me at the time. You just have that singles program with a guy like Glenn, with that kind of character, I am very proud of it. It’s just my favorite for so many reasons.”

The storyline involving Kane and X-Pac during their tenure as a team was one of the most memorable of the Attitude Era. Before they joined forces, Kane was mostly portrayed as a silent, reclusive monster who either teamed or feuded with his fictional brother, The Undertaker. However, his storyline with X-Pac saw his character evolve.

The storyline started after Kane was kicked out of The Corporation after being forced to join the faction for nefarious reasons. X-Pac then took him under his wing, which led to the monster learning to speak without the aid of a device, as well as acquiring a girlfriend in the form of Tori.

Kane and X-Pac pose with their titles

During their run, they won the Tag Team Championships twice and were voted as the No. 1 team of the year on Pro Wrestling Illustrated‘s 1998 list. The alliance disbanded after X-Pac betrayed Kane to rejoin D-Generation X, which subsequently saw Tori betray him as well.

X-Pac isn’t the only person who enjoyed teaming with Kane. Daniel Bryan has also spoken highly of their time together as Team Hell No, another duo that saw both men evolve as characters as it showed they could also be funny.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Bryan is in the process of becoming a babyface again, so hopefully, we’ll see Team Hell No get one last run with each other before “The Big Red Machine” hangs up his boots for good.