WWE Rumors: All Plans For Daniel Bryan Have Drastically Changed

Over the course of the last year, Daniel Bryan’s journey through WWE has taken some really strange and wild turns. He has always been one of the most popular superstars and the ultimate babyface, but that all changed, and he turned into an excellent heel. After being aligned with Erick Rowan, a feud with Roman Reigns seemed to be on the way, but it now appears as if all the plans for the former WWE Champion have changed.

Bryan actually brought in a lot of his own persona and true self as he became a protector of the planet and spoke against all those who damaged it. Fans turned on him just as WWE had hoped, and Bryan became one of the biggest heels of the entire promotion.

There was a huge angle in which Roman Reigns was repeatedly attacked by a mysterious person, and it always seemed as if Bryan was the culprit. This storyline was so big that it even ended up in a major creative team shakeup that resulted in a head writer being taken out of his longtime position, as reported by The Inquisitr.

After the attacker was revealed to be Rowan, Bryan let everyone know that he had nothing to do with it. That has led to Luke Harper returning, teaming with Rowan again, and Bryan being destroyed alongside Reigns at every turn.

Some had thought that Bryan would end up feuding with Reigns with Rowan at his side, but that no longer appears to be the plan. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Cageside Seats, all of those plans have changed, and things are going in a vastly different direction.

Daniel Bryan is now expected to morph back into a babyface and partner with Roman Reigns instead of opposing him. The two will likely end up facing off against the recently reunited Bludgeon Brothers, and that match could happen at Hell in a Cell next month.

WWE is obviously going in that direction, and it has shown at the current overseas tour what the company is doing. Bryan has been working matches against WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, and he’s been working the ring as a complete babyface.

While Bryan hasn’t reverted back to doing his popular “YES! YES!” chants as of yet, he did show a lot of other positive signs. Bryan shook Kofi’s hand and even raised his arm as the winner after the match was over, which the fans loved to see.

Daniel Bryan was doing a great job as one of the biggest and most perfect heels in WWE, and he seemed to be on his way into a major feud with Roman Reigns. Now, rumors are swirling that plans have changed, and he’ll be turning back into a babyface and gaining a new friend.

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