‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Season 5 Episode 7: Dad And Daughter Deliberate

On October 13, The Affair starts tying up loose ends as the Showtime show takes its final bow in four more episodes. For Season 5 Episode 7, Noah is leveled by his eldest daughter as Whitney grills her dad about why he up and left his family to have a tryst with a waitress who is now dead. She lets him know how badly he had hurt her mom when he cheated on her and left the family fold. Father and son are along in Whitney’s bedroom as they banter.

Whitney has just cheated on her fiance as her wedding day is fast approaching and she is very confused. While addressing him, she states that she never wants to be like her father. She never wants to “hurt anyone,” she continues.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone like you hurt her.”

This declaration makes Noah squirm. After taking a few beats, he looks down and practically mumbles, “Right.”

But she won’t let up. At that point she raises her voice and asks again for her dad to give her a reason why he took up with another woman, forsaking her mom and his four children.

“If marriage is a choice and you can decide to stay, why did you go?”

His soft-spoken answer is that he does not know how to answer her question. Bewildered, he seems agitated in a quiet way and he is beyond glum.

The way he behaves makes Whitney question her dad’s unfortunate choice even more. She wonders aloud if he loved Alison more than he did his nuclear family.

He replies in the negative after which time, he still can’t give his adult daughter a reason for his indiscretion, which is the entire reason for The Affair to exist. Whitney doesn’t waver as she continues her inquisition.

“The thing that I don’t get is that you were a good dad and mom was a great mom and we were happy — or at least I thought we were. And then I guess…I just worry if that wasn’t real and that wasn’t good then maybe nothing is.”


After that profound statement, Noah tries to find a way so that he does not need to hear his daughter ruminate in such a negative way. He admits that he “f**ked up.” He said he wasn’t really thinking about anyone else’s feelings other than his own.

He uses that interlude to let his daughter know that she should take her time before making the decision to marry. But will she? Stay tuned.

New episodes of The Affair air on Showtime on Sundays.