‘The Affair’ Spoilers For Season 5 Episode 6: Alison’s Dead Body

The Affair has a bunch of the stories surrounding the series regulars hanging in the balance as the show starts to wrap up for good before the end of the year. In Season 5, Episode 6, a lot about Joanie’s adult life will be revealed.

While viewers who are up to date with the Showtime show have met and experienced some of Cole and Alison’s daughter’s foibles — such as hooking up for dangerous sex with a complete stranger while away in Montauk for work — there is much more to know about her.

In the forthcoming episode of The Affair, which airs on September 28, Joanie was seen taking a thorough look at her dead mother’s official file. She came across all kinds of evidence, like strands of Allison’s brunette hair. In addition, the orphan also found a bunch of notes written in notebooks typically used by reporters and investigators. Not only was an interview with Ben Cruz, her mom’s former lover, among the paperwork, but so was an interview with her mom’s second husband, Noah Solloway.

Since none of her family is sure about the real reason why Alison died, Joanie apparently has become driven to get down to the crux of the matter. She saw that when Noah was interviewed he had been worried about his former wife and the person with whom he had started an extramarital affair with so many years ago. She also read descriptions of her mother that stated she was prone to “panic attacks” and that her personality was “selfish.”

Joanie also discovered the official sheriff’s office missing person’s report on Alison that stated she had last been seen on Montauk Long Field Road on October 13. The information, given out during the inquest into Alison’s death, also noted that at the time she passed away, she was 5-foot-6-inches tall and she weighed 115 pounds. Her picture included in the file showed a happy, smiling person caught in an informal snap.

Also found from among the stack of papers and evidential material, Joanie learned a bit more about her mom through her psychiatric evaluation. Words such as “suicidal thoughts,” “erratic behavior,” and “depression” were revealed in the results section of the report that was solely concerned with Joanie’s mental health.

During her search through Alison’s file, Joanie also discovered the report that had been filed following her mother’s death. Alison’s dead body had washed up on the shore of the Atlantic in Montauk. The cause of death was stated as drowning, and the report stated that the woman’s lungs were filled with water.

When Joanie finished reading Alison’s file, at least for the time being, she packed the contents into her backpack while telling her companion that he was right.

“She died at the jetty,” Joanie reported in a monotone voice. Then, while seeming to be concerned and perhaps even a little unhinged, Joanie asked if the other guy in the room could “take her home — now.”

At that, the spoiler video from Season 5, Episode 6 came to an eerie end.

New episodes of The Affair air on Sundays on Showtime.