June 16, 2013
James Cameron gets pissy over Avatar/Halo comparisons

Avatar director and thin-skinned man James Cameron had a few words to say about "fanboys" who dared to suggest that his blockbuster Avatar has borrowed the visual style used in Microsoft and Bungie's series of Halo games. Speaking to G4 about the comparisons between the two, Cameron muttered:

"The funniest thing is when some of the so-called fanboys get up trashing Avatar for looking too much like Halo. Pay attention. If I'm referencing anything, I'm referencing the source work for Halo, which is my own stuff. So I get to do that. Nobody else gets to do that, but I get to do that. My rule, anyway."
Calm down, JC! Mind you, as arsey as Cameron is getting about this, I do actually agree with the narcissistic old sod here - in fact, sci-fi games as a genre owe a hell of a lot to Alien and its ilk. As resplendent as the first Halo game was (before the series began going slightly downhill), it probably owes Cameron a pint or three.

In other James-Cameron-talks-gaming news, the Canadian director says he could see Avatar having a life of its own as a game series, even if a film sequel was never made. Of course, there already is James Cameron's Avatar: The Game, though apparently it's, er, a bit rubbish.

[Via G4]