4.7 California Quake Causes Little Damage

A 4.7 quake in California did little damage to the golden state.

The epicenter of the earthquake was located near Anza, about 100 miles southeast of Los Angeles. The U.S. Geological Survey said that there were reports of smaller seismic events around the same time as the 4.7 magnitude quake. No damage has been reported.

Susie Bride, a cashier at Cahuilla Mountain Market and Cafe in Anza, said: “It kind of shook and then I thought, `God, is that an earthquake?’ It kind of shook and then it rolled a little bit and then it shook again.”

The quake was centered under the desert town, but it was also felt in Los Angeles and San Diego.

The quake was originally recorded as a 5.1 earthquake but was later downgraded to 4.7. Susan Hough, a geologist with the USGS, said the quake was “tricky to analyze” since a smaller quake occurred right before the larger earthquake.

The California quake didn’t cause much damage today, but retired geology professor Pat Abbot said that it may be a precursor for a larger tremor. Abbot said that we’ll know within 72 hours if the quake today was just a foreshock.

Abbott said:

“There’s always that slight chance – slight chance now – that this could be the foreshock of something larger. Probably not. Usually this is just an event all by itself … It doesn’t hurt to keep it in mind, in the next 72 hours in particular. If a larger one is going to occur it would probably be during that three-day period.”

Did you feel the earthquake today?