Sheryl Crow Turns Back The Clock In See-Through Dress During 80’s Inspired Event

Rick DiamondGetty Images

Sheryl Crow looked stunning this week as she defied her age and her fashion sense by sporting a fun, see-through dress in honor of an ’80s inspired event for charity.

The Daily Mail reports that Sheryl was spotted hitting the stage wearing a pair of colorful paint-splattered leggings and a bright neon purple bodysuit, which she paired with a black see-through fishnet dress and dark bra element.

Sheryl added to her wild look by sporting chunky neon-colored bracelets on her wrists, large rings on her fingers, and dangling neon star earrings.

The singer had her long, sandy blonde hair pulled halfway up into a sideways ponytail on top of her head, which she secured with a large black bow. She also rocked some oversized neon pink sunglasses, black leg warmers, matching heels, and fingerless gloves for the occasion.

Other stars in attendance at the event, which benefited the Alzheimer’s Association, included country music singer Brad Paisley, who dressed as Burt Reynolds; Chris Daughtry, who rocked big hair and an edgy leather look; and singer Tegan Marie, who wore skintight leather pants, a neon green top and neon pink heels. She added crimped hair, a scrunchie, and large hoop earrings to complete the look.

Recently, Sheryl has been making headlines for some comments she’s made about other artists, such as Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift.

Sheryl previously served as Michael’s backup singer, and shared a connection with the legendary pop star, who has become a controversial figure due to allegations of sexual abuse.

Meanwhile, after Taylor Swift called out Scooter Braun for buying her masters out from under her, Sheryl also spoke out about the nature of the business, claiming she didn’t think it was a big deal for someone else to own Taylor’s work, as it happens to nearly all artists.

“I will say one thing about masters. I signed with a record label 30 years ago and within five years it became owned by Interscope, and then Interscope got bought by Universal. These things, that’s just the way the business goes. It’s totally not unusual for your masters to change hands like 9,000 times. So I don’t know what the big stink was. I’m out of the loop. I don’t really know,” Sheryl stated of the situation, per People Magazine.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Sheryl Crow’s life and performances by following the fan-favorite singer on her social media accounts, where she posts updates regularly.