The Search For Jennifer Dulos Reaches The Fourth Month With Still No Sign Of The Missing Mom

Jennifer Dulos is the missing mother of five from Connecticut that’s been in the headlines for months in wake of her disappearance on May 24. She was last seen dropping off her kids at school and hasn’t been heard from since. At the time of her disappearance, Jennifer was in the middle of a nasty divorce and custody battle with her estranged husband Fotis Dulos. Fotis and his girlfriend Michelle Troconis are currently the two main suspects in this case. While it’s not yet a murder investigation, it is likely that it could head that direction in the coming months. As the search for the missing mom reaches month four, police no longer believe they will find Jennifer alive, according to The Advocate.

On the night that Jennifer was officially declared a missing person, police found her blood splattered on her garage floor. It appeared that the mother had been the victim of a surprise attack in her own home. While police, of course, don’t know exactly what transpired that night, they have a theory. They believe that Fotis was lying in wait for his estranged wife to return home on the morning of May 24. They believe he killed her, cleaned everything up, and disposed of her, perhaps with the assistance of Troconis. However, no body has yet been found, thus Fotis is not yet facing murder charges.

Police believe the attack occurred between 8:05 a.m. and 10:25 a.m., thus it would have taken place around when she returned home after she finished dropping off kids at school. They believe Fotis put her body in a car and drove away from the scene.

“(Fotis) Dulos is believed to be operating the victim’s vehicle, which is carrying the body of Jennifer Dulos and a number of other items associated with the cleanup, which occurred in the garage of the residence,” police said in a recent statement.

As The Inquisitr has previously reported, there’s been a variety of evidence discovered that certainly makes Fotis look guilty. His blood was found mingling with that of his estranged wife in her sink. A blood-like substance containing Jennifer’s DNA was also found in one of his vehicles. This was the same vehicle that Fotis had washed and detailed the same week that Jennifer went missing. A former employee of Fotis’ said that Fotis asked him to replace the seats in one of his vehicles. The employee obliged but secretly kept the old seats in the case that police would need them as evidence.

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