Sean Spicer & Lindsay Arnold Head For The Disco On ‘Dancing With The Stars’ 2019

Sean Spicer is still kicking up his heels on Dancing with the Stars as the ABC talent show heads into its third week of competition. The former White House press secretary and his professional partner, Lindsay Arnold, are getting ready to perform for Movie Night by doing the cha-cha.

While the spoilers so far for DWTS on September 30 have not yet indicated which movie will be on Sean and Lindsay’s agenda, the power pair seemed to be hinting that their film of choice will be Saturday Night Fever — the hit that helped John Travolta transcend from a television star to a movie star while a number of the Bee Gees songs from the big-screen effort became hits for the harmony-making Gibb brothers.

In their pointed photo shared on Instagram by DWTS and ABC, each member of the dancing couple held their left hand in the air while trying to duplicate Travolta’s signature Saturday Night Fever pose.

For the shot, Lindsay wore a skintight white tank as she balanced a leather jacket — which she wore slung over her shoulder — like the one Travolta wore as Tony Manero in the 1977 flick. The dramatic romance co-starred Karen Lynn Gorney as a wide-eyed, wannabe dancer. In fact, the dancing queen of the current DWTS duo resembled the legendary movie star as she posed while rocking low-slung dance pants that seemed as if the bottoms could have been painted onto her curvy body.

Meanwhile, the man who has been dubbed Spicy also had his arm up in an attempt at Travolta’s pose. Sadly, his version was lackluster, to say the least. Sean had on a navy T-shirt and loose black dance pants while featuring a miniature mirror ball hanging around his neck with the help of a bold silver chain.

From among the DWTS-ABC Instagram account’s 1.4 million followers, more than 3,000 fans liked the Sean Spicer-Lindsay Arnold photo offering their impersonation of Travolta and Gorney as they triumphed at the disco. As the pair danced their “Saturday night away,” many followers commented on the fun-loving upload.

“Good luck your doing great & having fun,” stated one fan about the Season 28 contestants.

“He can wear his neon flamingo shirt again,” said another, referring to Sean’s costume from the first night of DWTS 2019.

“If spicer wins I think I’ll be in a state of shock,” remarked a third person who is obviously a fan of the show.

To see Sean Spicer and Lindsay Arnold dance the cha-cha on Dancing With the Stars, watch the TV talent show on Monday, September 30, at 8 p.m. ET.

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