WWE News: Frustrated Superstar Wants To Wrestle New Japan Pro Wrestling Champion


Even though he and his wife Maria recently signed new long-term contracts with WWE, it’s been well documented how unhappy Mike Kanellis has been with his role in the company since joining in 2017.

The 34-year-old has been portrayed as his wife’s whipping boy, with his most recent storyline revealing that he’s not the father of their unborn child. As The Inquisitr reported last week, WWE is considering bringing Maury Povich into the storyline to figure out who the baby’s real father is once and for all.

It goes without saying that the storyline is an example of some of WWE’s more soap opera-inspired elements, and Kanellis has rarely been given opportunities to showcase his wrestling abilities. With this in mind, it’s understandable to learn that he dreams of wrestling one of the best performers on the planet in the near future.

As documented by Wrestling Inc., Kanellis recently took to Twitter to show his interest in competing against Kuzuchika Okada. The current New Japan Pro Wrestling IWGP Heavyweight Champion is widely regarded as an elite talent, and every wrestler who loves the craft wants to take him on.

Prior to joining WWE, Kanellis enjoyed success in NJPW as IWGP Tag Team Champion. He’s no stranger to the physically demanding and sports-centric approach of the Japanese promotion, so it won’t be surprising if he returns there down the line.

Kanellis has been outspoken about some of his frustrations with WWE. As noted by 411Mania, he’s continued to criticize WWE since re-signing with the company earlier this year, mainly over the way it treats 205 Live.

Featured image credit: WWE

Despite the high quality wrestling that the Cruiserweight brand has to offer, it’s an afterthought among WWE officials and there’s been mounting speculation that the show will be canceled and merged with NXT very soon. Kanellis clearly thinks WWE could do better by the show and its stars, though, which is why he’s spoke out against the company.

Kanellis probably isn’t thrilled with his current storyline either, as it isn’t doing much for his upward mobility in the company. However, he’s proven that he’s more than willing to make the best of what he has to work with, and that will hopefully see him given more opportunities to impress in the coming months.

Fans of Kanellis’ work in NJPW and Ring of Honor will agree that he is capable of putting on great matches, and it’s hopefully only a matter of time before WWE lets him do that.