September 28, 2019
Mackenzie McKee Opens Up About What Would Need To Happen If She Was 'Dumb Enough' To Be With Estranged Husband

Mackenzie McKee and her husband, Josh McKee, recently separated. The two share three kids together and have been together since Mackenzie's Season 4 episode of 16 and Pregnant. According to Pop Culture, the Teen Mom OG mom recently took to Twitter to open up about what would need to happen if she was ever "dumb enough" to get back together with Josh.

"If I was ever dumb enough to be with Josh. He has to start from scratch. Fight for me, ask me to be his gf, propose, than marry me. And if that's another man first than that's how it was suppose to be," the mom-of-three wrote on Twitter. However, that wasn't the only thing she had to say. Mackenzie also admitted to making mistakes in their relationship and revealed that she wasn't perfect when it came to being a wife.

"Also if he is dumb enough to be with me. I'm not going to pretend I was a good wife. I wasn't. And for that I apologize. I've lied, I've cheated, and stopped showing an ounce of affection for 3 years. Etc... we are both idiots and need a fresh start. Probs not with each other."
Mackenzie insisted that her relationship troubles weren't for a storyline for MTV, but explained that they were real struggles.As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mackenzie recently appeared on Couples Court with the Cutlers where she opened up about her relationship with Josh and gave advice to another young couple. On the show, she admitted that the two had cheated on each other within the first year.

Mackenzie McKee was first introduced to viewers on her Season 4 episode of 16 and Pregnant. On the show, Mackenzie and Josh found out they were expecting their first child together, a son they named Gannon.

Following the episode, the couple went on to share their story on the short-lived spin-off show Teen Mom 3. The show was cancelled after one season and the couple then tied the knot and went on to have two more children together, a daughter named Jaxie and another son named Broncs.

At one point, there were rumors that Mackenzie would be added to the cast of Teen Mom 2, but that spot eventually went to Briana DeJesus, who previously appeared on Teen Mom 3. Mackenzie was added to the cast of Teen Mom OG earlier this year for a few episodes as a "guest mom." It is unclear if she will be added to the show full-time in the future.