WWE Rumors: CM Punk Will Return To WWE If They Really Want Him

CM Punk is one of those wrestlers who will continue to be talked about even if he's out of the ring for 10 or 20 years. He hasn't wrestled in quite some time and there is a good chance that he will never set foot in a wrestling ring again. Still, his name often comes up in discussions on where he could sign or appear one day, but the general feeling is that if he ever decided to return, it would end up being with WWE.

With all of the changes happening in WWE, many have thought that there would be a reconciliation between the two sides. The Inquisitr even previously reported that CM Punk's agent reached out to WWE regarding a job with their new studio show that will be starting soon on FOX.

Often times, rumors start swirling that Punk is going to return to WWE or sign with All Elite Wrestling or head to Ring of Honor. Most of those rumors have nothing behind them and no backing at all, but it keeps him name in the whisper mill of professional wrestling.

While there is a good chance that the former MMA fighter and current announcer may never wrestle again, it isn't out of the question. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, the belief is that if he ever wanted to return, it would be to WWE.

CM Punk motions for the

CM Punk appeared at last month's Starrcast III for a meet-and-greet and interview, and he admitted that he isn't intentionally reaching out to WWE. Still, he also said he'd be willing to listen to what they have to offer if they ended up calling him about a return.

Punk has also said in the past that he received an offer from AEW that he didn't even really consider an offer. That is why Wrestling Observer believes that if WWE really "went after him hard" and with a lot of money, Punk would sign as he feels he could make the most money with that company.

As more time passes, the idea of a return to the ring becomes less realistic. CM Punk is 41-years-old and not totally out of the realm of coming back to wrestling yet, but WWE also won't wait forever. Still, AEW may not have made any kind of formal offer to him, but they would most certainly pay him if he was interested enough to make a wrestling comeback.