Karamo Brown Claims His Son Got ‘Death Threats’ After The ‘DWTS’ Contestant Called Sean Spicer ‘A Good Guy’

Rich Polk Getty Images

Queer Eye star Karamo Brown claims his son got “death threats” after he revealed he believed his Dancing With the Stars competitor Sean Spicer was a “good guy.” Entertainment Tonight reported that Karamo has no regrets about wanting to judge Spicer as a person outside of the way he handled himself as the former White House Press Secretary.

What he did not expect was that his son would be verbally assaulted because of his stance of neutrality.

“We were in Philadelphia at the time and one of my sons was with me as we were shooting season five [of Queer Eye],” he said during an interview that aired on an episode of the podcast NAKED With Catt Sadler.

“He was running home because somebody was in a car chasing after him in the car screaming at him, ‘F you and your dad! You’re going to die!’ My son at that point had no idea what was going on because he wasn’t keeping up; the last thing he wants to do is read about me.”

Karamo claimed that he was afraid for his son and realized that he had to try and figure out a way to handle this situation without being combative. The best way he chose to stop the hate, reported Entertainment Tonight, was to temporarily deactivate his social media.

He revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he does not like the mob mentality that comes with social media. Karamo is always willing to open up a clear and honest discussion when he differs in opinion with another person, but this experience was like no other he had dealt with before.

“To be honest with you, I understood why people got upset,” he said, remarking that although he was not a fan of the way Spicer handled himself in his official capacity, he wanted to give him a chance to talk to him to fully understand the man behind the office he held. But Karamo was dealt with some heavy-handed blows by his fans, who criticized the Queer Eye star on social media for not speaking out against Spicer’s casting, as reported by The Inquisitr.

Karamo is a father to two sons, his biological son Jason and Jason’s half-brother Chris. The reality star, who came out to his parents at the age of 16, had his last girlfriend at the age of 15. She became pregnant, however she never told him about the pregnancy. Karamo did not find out he was a father until ten years later. He and his long-time love Ian Jordan now raise the two boys together.

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