Hearst Connecticut Media Group, Largest Local News Chain In The State, Calls On Donald Trump To Step Down

Alex WongGetty Images

The largest local newspaper chain in Connecticut is calling for Donald Trump to step down as president of the United States.

The Hearst Connecticut Media Group on Thursday published an editorial saying that Trump must step down amid the fast-growing Ukraine scandal, in which Trump reportedly pressured the country to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s son. As the editorial noted, an official impeachment inquiry has already been launched and Trump has a choice of how to proceed.

The editorial laid out what the media chain saw as the proper choice: stepping down.

“The proper next step for the president is clear,” the editorial read. “He should resign. He has repeatedly proven himself unfit for office and appears to view the presidency as a position meant to benefit himself personally, not as one that must represent the interests of an entire nation.”

The editorial went on to concede that there was “almost no chance” Trump would take this step, which makes the upcoming work of Congress even more vital. It went on to say that there was enough evidence from the abridged transcript of Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president that the White House released on Wednesday to move forward with impeachment, even as Republicans have tried to push back and note the lack of an explicit quid pro quo from Trump.

“But what we know is enough, and because it’s from the president himself, there’s no reason to question its veracity,” the editorial read. “There’s no going back from here. The long, bumpy ride of the Trump era may have turned a corner, but it’s nowhere near over.”

As the editorial predicted, there are no signs that Donald Trump will give up his position. The president has already forcefully come out against the impeachment hearings and now against the whistleblower as well. At a private breakfast in New York, Trump suggested that the whistleblower is a “spy who have may committed treason,” according to reporting from The New York Times.

Trump went on to say that the unnamed whistleblower had never seen the phone call with the Ukrainian president, though the complaint released on Thursday did accurately describe the contents of the call as released by the White House the day prior.

Donald Trump has also gone on the attack on Twitter, declaring “presidential harassment” and claiming that the impeachment inquiry is a witch hunt against him by political opponents.