Some ‘Big Brother’ Viewers Suspect Jackson Michie Was Aided In Final HOH By Production

Monty BrintonCBS

It’s been a summer full of controversy for Big Brother Season 21. One of the biggest complaints coming from fans was the treatment of Jackson Michie by production. There have been several instances that fans believe Jackson was given the upper hand in the game by the powers that be at Big Brother, who supposedly helped him win the final Power of Veto (POV) competition and Part 3 of the final Head of Household (HOH) competition.

During Part 3 of the final HOH, some viewers took to Twitter to question what Jackson was looking at during the competition. Even veteran and Season 8 winner “Evel Dick” Donato questioned Jackson’s gameplay by asking “What is Jackson looking at?” in a tweet. Some viewers felt that Jackson was looking to someone offscreen to give him the answers in the final quiz.

There were plenty of tweets that mirrored Evel Dick’s question, with several viewers noting that Jackson changed his answer several times which they believed was suspicious.

“Jackson changing his answers twice was very shady, especially the second time. Follow his eyes. He was looking at the answers. Someone was helping him,” one viewer tweeted.

“Where is Jackson looking? Why does he have the answers ready before she even finishes. PRODUCTION we see you,” another said in a separate post on Twitter.

While some might have slammed Jackson for possibly cheating, there were other viewers who defended them in their own tweets. Those supporting Jackson suggested he was just looking at the screen that the questions and answers were on. Holly Allen and Jackson saw the same videos that fans watching did, which is also why they would laugh at times because some of the clips were quite silly.

There likely will never be a clear answer on if production aided Jackson in the final HOH and it’s quite possible that some viewers were suspecting he cheated because of how things went in his favor earlier on in the season. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Jackson was busted several times on the live feeds eating regular food while he was a have-not, and also said that production helped him in the final POV by letting him know he was getting some of the answers wrong.

Despite winning $500,000 last night, Jackson walked out of the Big Brother house looking absolutely miserable. After the jury placed their votes, Julie Chen brought up much of the controversy surrounding the season and some of the houseguest’s racially-charged comments. Jackson was accused of targeting people of color in the house, which marred his celebration.

Big Brother Season 22 will debut next summer.